Impact of Endodontically Treated Teeth on Systemic Diseases

This research was originally published in 2019 by Johann Lechner and Volker von Baehr. 

We have curated this article as a reference point for The Larkin Protocol.

Background: This study compares the radiographic distribution of apical periodontitis (AP) in rootfilled and endodontically treated teeth among healthy controls and patients with systemic diseases; the incidence of AP was almost twice as high in the latter group.

Objective: The question arises as to whether the biogenic amines (mercaptan/thioether/hydrogen sulfide) originating from endodontically treated teeth have systemic, subtoxic and immunological effects.

Method: In order to determine this, local hydrogen sulfide measurements of endodontically treated teeth were combined with the laboratory serum analyses of modified proteins to assess the relationship of these compounds with type IV immune reactions.

Results: It was found that 42.5% of the group with systemic diseases showed immunological disturbance as a result of root-filled teeth. Furthermore, the presence of AP was almost three times higher than in the control group (17.2% versus 5.9%, respectively).

Conclusion: In summary, the data demonstrates that local pathologies caused by endodontically treated teeth may increase immunological and systemic dysfunction.

Download the full paper here


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