The Role of Oral and Dental Foci in Systemic Diseases

This research was originally published in 2020 by Nelli Yildirimyan, DDS. 

We have curated this article as a reference point for The Larkin Protocol.


Foci of infection in the oral cavity and their relationship with the overall health of the human body have been long studied among healthcare practitioners throughout history. The father of medicine, Hippocrates, mentions an association between resolution of arthritis and extraction of a decayed tooth back near 400 BCE. Research on the relationship between oral health and systemic diseases gained rapid acceleration after the death of President Theodore Roosevelt in 1919 from odontogenic sepsis. [1]

The oral cavity, being considered as "the intersection of dentistry and medicine" and "the window to general health", contains some of the most varied and vast flora in the human body and is the main entrance for two systems vital to human function and physiology, the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems. [2] Therefore, specific infections in the oral cavity may create foci of infection that may affect systemic health

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