The Role of Oral and Dental Foci in Systemic Diseases

This research was originally published in 2020 by Nelli Yildirimyan, DDS. 

We have curated this article as a reference point for The Larkin Protocol.


Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease

The most common cause of mortality worldwide is cerebrovascular disease (CVD), which includes coronary heart disease (CHD), congestive heart failure, CVD and stroke, peripheral artery diseases, carotid artery diseases, and aortoiliac disease. [5The primary cause of both CHD and CVD is atherosclerosis, which is defined as the pathologic narrowing of arteries due to the deposition of cholesterol and its products. [2Many systematic reviews and a scientific statement from the American Heart Association state the possible role of poor oral health on the elevated risk of CHD. [6Periodontal bacterial infections may permit pathogens to colonize distant sites; therefore, the association between certain periodontal pathogens and coronary artery disease or stroke is gaining more importance. This association is suggested by the pathogen's ability to predispose the arteries for atherosclerosis. Periodontal pathogens have been found in carotid and coronary atherosclerotic plaques. [57Although the underlying mechanisms are complex, the chronic inflammatory state and microbial burden in people with periodontal disease may predispose them to cardiovascular diseases in ways proposed for other infections. [8]

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